Hello, welcome to Sappland Microelectronics


Sappland Microelectronics is a high-tech company focusing on the field of micro-electromechanical systems. Through independent innovation of MEMS technology, it develops high-performance RF filters, duplexers and RF front-end modules, etc. In order to achieve the best communication effect, we are dedicated to solving the multi-frequency adaptation problem of various mobile terminals.

Sappland Microelectronics is committed to realizing localized replacement of devices and breaking foreign monopolies, providing mid-to-high-end RF front-end devices and high-quality localized services for the communications industry, and targets to be the world’s leading supplier in the field of RF-MEMS.

The Sappland was built by the group of top marketing experts and  expert professionals in the fields of materials, acoustics and electricity from China and abroad.We provide high-quality services for the communication industry and expect to be a leading supplier of high-end RF front-end products in the world.


Dedication, courage to challenge, willing to share, achievement of the future;

Empower employees, serve customers, repay shareholders and contribute to the society.


Independent innovation to become a leading MEMS enterprise with independent intellectual property rights in China